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    School Rules

    You are not allowed to be in classes without permission. Yes, some of the keys are guessable, but you need to ask us for them. I can see if you are in a class that you are not allowed to be in and I will remove you. If you do this two times I will remove you from the school. End of story.

    ·You are required to log into the school every 60 days. If you do not log into the school every 60 days, you will be automatically removed from the school. This should not be a problem if you are logging into your classes. You WILL lose any assignments and grades to that account and need to get a new one. If you have an emergency of course we will excuse you but you must let us know BEFORE the 60 days is up.

    ·Play nice with others. This means students AND teachers. Being nice will get you much further than being a jerk. And if you are too much of a meanie, I will remove you from the school. Simple as that.

    Plagiarism WILL NOT be tolerated!No stealing. My work or others work. You can use anything here but please do not claim it as your own - that's just bad karma.

  • This is where all the VERY important basics and rules of the school are. There is a link for the yahoo group (where ALL the important info regarding the school is posted), as well as information about our online study groups, and how the become a Member!